When some people wake up in the morning they have an innocent craving. Some people quench their thirst with some caffeine; they feel like they need it the morning to get going and feel energized. Others will go to the gym or exercise at home, the endorphins released during exercise boosts their mood and this makes them feel ready for the day. Finally, there are the people reaching for the bottle of oxycodone, or tying off their arm and cooking heroin in a shiny metal spoon, finally begin to relax when they see that sweet nectar bubbling up; this is what they need to just get out of bed, let alone start the day.

Unfortunately, this last scenario is one that is occurring more often in our society. Opioid dependence is a real issue, as more and more people are adapting their lives to its addiction.

  • Why is this addiction one of the worse out there?
  • What made it gain in popularity?
  • If you are suffering from this, then how can you break the vicious cycle of your opioid addiction once and for all?

Georgetown Clinics doesn’t want you to suffer from your addiction anymore. We understand the first step of this long road is admitting that the addiction has taken hold of you. We have friendly and caring staff members to help you. Using our holistic methods designed to help you curb your physical withdrawal symptoms. Georgetown Clinics in Sandy Springs, our wellness center wants to let you know why your addiction is on the scale of severity that it is, and help you to overcome.

It affects your brain

Opiates are the cause of creating simulated endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are a chemical in the brain that naturally keeps you mentally stimulated. Fear, stress, love, and other big feelings come from these neurotransmitters within the brain. When you add an opioid to the mix, this kicks these into overdrive. When people use opioids, like heroin and prescription pills, they feel warm, fuzzy feelings, they are overjoyed, and essentially feel no pain. However, over time, these feelings change and the brain stops producing endorphins naturally in anticipation of the steady flow of forced endorphins, making it dependent on your drug use. When the brain doesn’t receive the drug in question it reacts poorly and makes you feel very miserable and sick, which is where withdrawal comes into play.

Why is opioid addiction on the risedreamstime_xxl_47204086

As we have just learned, opioids directly affect the endorphins your brain produces, and this is why the addiction is so severe. However, addiction has been on the rise and there may be a few factors as to why:

More prescriptions are being dealt out for pain– Depending on the state you reside in, pain pills may be very easily obtained. This makes abusing them far easier. Even when you take these drugs for pain purposes, you must be careful because it is so easy to get hooked on these dangerous pills.

More medications are being used as a whole: More medications are being prescribed for different ailments, that once had different relief methods. If someone goes to the doctor for abdominal pain, they don’t need to receive a prescription of oxycontin, but it’s happening. This is why we at Georgetown Clinics in Sandy Springs, pride ourselves on using holistic methods for most of our treatment plans, because we believe, sometimes, medication, is not the answer.
Why you need Georgetown Clinics

So if you believe you or a loved one are suffering from opioid addiction, please call us at our wellness center. We can design a treatment plan that will get your life back, and keep you comfortable. We use Buprenorphine, Naloxone, or Naltrexone to help with your withdrawal symptoms so you don’t have to suffer through trying to make yourself well. Don’t keep allowing opioid addiction control your life, call today!