Back pain can hold you back from being productive at your job, enjoying your off time with friends and family, and even just getting out of bed in the morning. People suffer from many different types of back pain from herniated discs and bone spurs to muscle weakness and spasms. We are a leading provider for back pain treatment in the Atlanta area and are dedicated to providing you with the solution you need to get back to living to the fullest.

A few at-home remedies can provide mild and temporary relief for people with back pain. Over-the-counter medications, ice and heat applications, supplements, and stretching have all been proven to be potentially beneficial to people experiencing back pain. We recommend consulting with us when considering these options for pain relief. Many back pain issues are more serious and can’t be resolved with simple at home remedies. Here are services we provide to help you get to feeling your best.

Chiropractic services are a natural, drug free approach to wellness that have been proven effective through thousands of years of refining and perfecting. This approach involves repositioning and adjusting the spine to relieve tension, promote blood flow, and create a better posture. Many patients make chiropractic service a regular habit for them as it helps them keep their back feeling the best it can be.

An innovative and effective approach, laser therapy can help to improve circulation and reduce pain in certain areas. An infrared laser is used on the affected area, targeting the injured cells. Injured cells are more accepting of photons, thus giving them more energy for the healing process. Essentially, this “super-charges” the cells for optimal healing. You should ask us about this treatment to see if it is a good fit for you!

Back pain can be the result of irritated spots within the muscle bands of the back. This can be highly painful, often creating muscle spasms and jolts of pain. These can be resolved through trigger point injections, which are a natural pain relief remedy for these muscle spasms. The injections act to relax the muscles to help promote blood flow and nutrient circulation.

We believe in creating a customized approach for the patient in order to achieve a higher level of healing. Our physical rehabilitation focuses on the strengthening of the muscles through exercises, stretches, and medical treatments. This treatment is crucial to getting your back to the full health so that you can resist new injuries.


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