It’s a question that we hear often from a number of people. To us, the answer is simple: of course.

Chiropractic medicine is meant to properly align the spine in order for all nerves to work at their optimal level, sending correct and uninterrupted signals to all the various systems and organs throughout the body. Through these signals, the brain instructs the joints of the knee how to respond to stress and overuse. They also allow the proper amount of hormones and enzymes to aide the area after physical strain; allowing more comprehensive recovery to occur after injury.

Spinal manipulation, coupled with joint therapy can help remove the obstacles that lead to the de-generation of bone and cartilage, which could eventually cause  chronic knee problems such as arthritis. When knee pain becomes severe enough to reduce your ability to engage in your favorite activities or sports, we would recommend making an appointment at our chiropractic wellness clinic.

Ongoing chiropractic treatments can help those who suffer from recurring or chronic knee pain experience relief without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. Your chiropractor in Fort Collins can help to alleviate knee pain by addressing the underlying issues that throw the knees out of alignment. This approach to integrative wellness is meant to promote overall health and optimal wellness for long-term benefits and a pain-free lifestyle.

Live your life free of pain by taking the first step on your path to wellness by scheduling a comprehensive consultation at our Atlanta area offices today. We’re the preferred chiropractors because of our commitment to your well-being.