Tips for Back Pain Exercises

Having Back Pain is actually something that is all to common for many people. It can be painful to do simple things like getting out of bed, reaching for something high, or maybe just sitting. Back pain can come from many different causes, but it usually stems from spinal or muscular issues. Like any other part of the body, it’s important to try and keep your back healthy and strong. Here are a few examples of some exercises you should stay away from and some you should try that might help strengthen your back:

The Bad…

Leg Lifts: These exercises can be beneficial for the core muscles, but for someone who has back pain, it can do more harm than good. They heavily engage the lower back muscles, which can be harmful to someone with damaged tendons or pulled muscles. Unless your back muscles are strong enough to where you feel no discomfort, you should stay away from this exercises..

Sit-Ups: This is a common exercises that puts the back in a range of motion that you just may not be ready for yet. In order to support your weight, it puts strain on the back muscles while hinging at the waist. This can cause more damage to the back, especially if you have a herniated disc.

The Good…

All Fours Leg Lifts: This exercises is great for the back because it doesn’t put the full body wait on the muscles of the back.. Starting on your hands and knees, lift one leg up and extend it, while maintaining its position. Repeat for other leg. This can help your range of motion as well as strengthen your back muscles.

Aerobic Exercise: It’s no secret that doing aerobic exercises is good for your cardiovascular health. It can also be very beneficial for chronic back pain because it lightly engages back muscles while your heart is pumping blood to them at a faster rate. Over time, it’ll help to improve your range of motion as well as your core strength. Any exercises like jogging, walking, or swimming is good in moderation.

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