Knee pain plagues millions of Americans and can make everyday life hard. Mobility issues due to knee pain can place limits on would be enjoyable memories and experiences with friends and family. In order to avoid this frustration, it helps to do some daily exercises for knee strengthening. Staying fit over the long term can help to eliminate some of the knee pain symptoms. As multidisciplinary specialists in the greater Atlanta area, we are committed to helping you with your knee pain so you can make those memories and have those experiences. Here are some exercise tips for those with knee pain:

Hamstring Curl

Stand facing a wall with the front of your thighs pressed up against it. Pull your leg up as far as safely possible and bring your heel towards your back. Hold for 5-10 seconds and release. This is great for increasing the spectrum of your knee movement and strengthening the muscles around the knee. Try using ankle weights to increase the intensity.

Straight-Leg Raises

Sitting in a chair, place your foot onto another chair. Lift your leg a couple inches off the chair and hold while keeping your leg straight. Maintain this posture for a 5-10 seconds. Release the position slowly. Repeat several reps for each leg. You can increase the time spent holding the posture or try adding ankle weights for added intensity.

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